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The eye is the area that best reflects the speed of your aging. This skin is sensitive, prone to problems with dark, puffiness, crow’s feet, making the face less fresh. Therefore, eye skin needs a special regimen of care. As long as you follow the tips below, you will have healthy and beautiful eyes.

Features of the skin around the eyes and common problems

The eye area has a layer of fat cushion to protect the eyes from injury, so the skin in this area is tight and thin, sensitive. The eye skin is also less resistant to the effects of chemicals, weather and especially UV rays. Plus the fact that the eyes have to work a lot, from blinking to showing facial expressions every day, this area of ​​skin becomes aging faster.

The eye area is also susceptible to changes in the body. If you are sleep deprived, dehydrated, your skin and eyes will darken. Frequent stress can lead to wrinkles, redness, swelling, and puffiness. By the time collagen fibers are broken down, the fat layers under the skin begin to shrink, creating crow’s feet at the corners of the eyes.

Moisturizes the eye area properly

The eye skin needs to be taken care of a special regime. In particular, maintaining moisture to keep this skin healthy and tight is essential. You need to pay attention to choose separate care products, gentle, avoid too “heavy” products that cause irritation. From the age of 20, pay attention to moisturize the eye area, increase care in the 25s and absolutely not be forgotten when you are over 30 years old.

Accordingly, based on the desires and conditions of the eye area, you should choose for yourself a cream with the right ingredients and uses.

  • For special treatment products, you should choose products with ingredients that bring high efficiency and stimulate collagen production, including: retinoids, retinol, vitamin A derivatives, peptides…
  • With products that help improve dark eyes, eye-nourishing ingredients such as arbutin, hydroquinone, kojic acid, vitamin C, soybeans, niacinamide (vitamin B3) … should be included in the product ingredients table.
  • Products that help reduce puffiness are indispensable. The following ingredients also support puffiness reduction such as caffeine, green tea, polyphenols, willow …
  • Anti-aging cream products with ingredients useful for nourishing the skin around the eyes include: vitamin B3, vitamin C, vitamin E, green tea …

You can choose a serum for quick penetration or a cream. In addition, you can choose the integrated skin care product, which can be used for both face and eye skin to save time and money and still bring the best effect. Integrated products have all the ingredients needed for the nourished face to stay healthy.

Combine massage and eye moisturizer using for the best effects

Massage movements around the eyes help blood circulation well, limit water retention – the cause of puffiness. Gentle massage movements also speed up skin regeneration, repair damaged skin cells and relax. Just take 5 minutes a day before going to bed to massage your eyes, you will see healthier and fresher skin.

You can refer to some eye massage exercises below:

  • Massage to reduce dark circles and puffiness: After applying eye cream, massage with two index fingers, starting from lower eyelids to temples, massage from the inside out. Do it continuously about 20 times.
  • Eye-tail anti-wrinkle massage: Use 2 ring fingers to swipe from the back of the eye to the temples, perform fast and up. Do it 5-10 times and then stop.
  • Massage to reduce dark circles, limit crow’s feet: Use 2 index fingers, perform circular massage around the eye area, the starting point is where the eyes are adjacent to the nose, around the eyebrows. Do it for 1-2 minutes.
  • Eye fat reduction massage: First, you raise your eyes upwards and then roll your eyes in circles slowly. Next, close your eyes, then use your ring finger to gently swipe from the inside out. Do it 30 times, 1-2 times a day.

Notes for eye cares

In addition to using moisturizers or massage for the eyes, in the process of taking care of the skin around the eyes, you should note a few things:

  • Eye makeup remover: You should choose a water-based, makeup remover for the eye area. When removing makeup, first apply a cotton ball with liquid makeup remover to your eyes for a few seconds, then gently wipe from the inside out, repeat until clean, avoiding pulling or rubbing.
  • Apply moisturizing products to the eyes: When applying moisturizers such as serums, eye moisturizers, apply lotion to your ring finger, then around your eyes, both upper and lower lids. You can combine massage with a roller or by hand for better absorption.
  • Sun protection for the skin around the eyes: In addition to sun protection for the skin on the face, do not forget to sunscreen the skin around the eyes, as this is a sensitive skin, containing less collagen and elastin, so it is very sensitive to the sun.
  • Maintain a healthy lifestyle: Staying up late, stress also affects the skin of the eye area. So, sleep at least 6 hours a day, eat lots of vegetables and fruits, eat less salt and sugar, drink 2 liters of water a day and stay optimistic.

Don’t let your 2x skin look like 3x, 4x, just pay attention and spend a little time every day, we have a few years of youth through our eyes.