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Modern women are becoming more powerful than ever in human society, we have the ability to successfully accomplish important positions. Working at full capacity every day, women also need to rest and take care for themselves. Apply the following tips to balance life and work, to make everything perfect in your life!

List a to-do list and divide your time appropriately

Everything that is scientifically scheduled with reasonable time will be resolved quickly and effectively. Let’s start by making a weekly to-do list for each day. Knowing what to do helps us to be more proactive, and has priorities more appropriate. At the end of the week, you can sit down to plan what the next week is about. At the beginning of each day, make it a habit to write down that day’s to-dos.

Have a backup plan

Life has ups and downs, nothing can be predicted exactly so there would occur unexpected situations, the more we prepare, the easier to solve them. It is also a better way to avoid stress, or fall into a state of indetermination. Let’s prepare ourselves with backup plans in any case.

Thanks to the to-do list, you will rely on that to make a logic and contingency plan. For example, on Tuesday you have an important meeting, it is likely that this meeting will last more than the expected time, at which you have to pick up your child. So immediately make up a backup plan that will ask your husband or someone to take that part for you. You have been prepared for this case, so if the situation really happens, you will quickly and gently resolve it, without being distracted and frustrated.

Take time to care for yourself

At the workplace, we always try to do well, at home we try to take the best care of our husband and children. And us? Don’t forget we also need love, care and rest.

There is a quotation that “If we don’t love ourselves firstly, no one else will”. Thus, as a woman, do not neglect your body and your skin.

Your skin clearly reflects the speed of your aging. You can take care at home every day or spas if you have enough time. If not, you can completely choose good quality skin care products, maintain a mask 1-2 times / week and never forget to use sunscreen every day.

Every night, remove makeup and deeply cleanse your skin with products suitable to your skin. Don’t try to use products that are not right for your skin, listen and understand what your skin needs.

Second, use supplements properly. Eat a variety of fresh fruits and vegetables, prepare healthy foods, prioritize boiled and steamed foods, and limit fried foods. Eating scientifically not only helps the body to be healthy, but also maintains a well-proportioned physique, youthful skin. With foods, you should prioritize organic products.

Third, always remember to get enough sleep. No matter how busy you are, try to sleep at least 7-8 hours a day. The best recommendation is that you should go to bed before 23:00 because the time after 23:00 is when the organs in the body excrete harmful substances and recover. Sleeping late after 23 hours regularly can cause diseases in the body, making the skin aging faster and easily causing obesity. In addition, the body lacks of sleep, also often lethargic, will be less productive the next day.

Fourth, do not be lazy, practice sports every day. Regular sports exercise helps improve health and maintain physique. You can choose sports that match your interests and fitness. Sports exercise is also an effective way to release stress, helping the body to always be full of energy and fresh spirit. Sports exercise also helps you improve the quality of sleep, sleep better and better.

Fifth, do not take mental health care lightly. The pressures of modern life, work, family, children, finance, .. There are many things that affect our spirit. There will be times when we feel extremely tired, depressed,… That is also the reason why depression is now at an alarming number in Vietnam.

Therefore, do not neglect to take care of your mental health. Take time to listen to yourself, participate in social activities, manage stress with meditation, or share with people you trust to control your emotions.

Finally, build strong relationships with friends and relatives. Friends and relatives are people who are always with us, and build strong relationships with them. In order to achieve that one, first important thing is that we need to be open, listen, share, empathize and receptive. Nobody likes to be with someone who is always negative, moody. So, always be cheerful, optimistic, positive, and help everyone be happy around you, and you will be happy too!

Last but not least, please always cheer and support your relatives and friends. With the support from the people we care about, trust will be the driving force for people to try, have faith and try their best to do good things.

Every modern woman has to act and dedicate herself every day like a superman. However, we are just human with many levels of emotions, love, anger, sadness,…

So let’s balance everything to have the happiest life.