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Sugar and sweets are very familiar in our daily meal. However, not everyone is aware of the negative effects on the body that sugar and sweets cause when eating too much.

Basically, sugar and sweets can damage metabolism, making us more susceptible to dangerous diseases. More specific, the harmful effects of sugar and how to limit sugar usage, let’s find out right away in this article.

1. The unhealthy effects of consuming too much sugar and sweets

Not only a few organs or small parts of the body, but the whole body function will be negatively affected by eating too much sugar and sweets.

1.1. Uncontrolled weight gain

Eating a lot of sugar and sweeteners makes weight gain constantly and hard to control.

Sugar stimulates the brain system to induce hunger and cravings. Normally, when we eat, the brain will send signals to the body that it has enough fat or not, if enough means the body has enough energy and does not need to eat any more.

But when the body consumes too much sugar and sweets, the brain loses the ability to recognize. Inevitably, no signal is sent to the brain that it has to stop eating. At this point, the body is told that it needs energy, and also the brain thinks it is necessary to continue eating. The paradox is that the things you crave right now are sugars and sweets, processed foods and fast food. You know, they are the cause of the constantly increasing weight.

Besides, sugar can be addictive. Sugar stimulates the brain’s rewarding system, bringing in feelings of happiness and joy. So, people who eat a lot of sugar and sweets are more likely to have an appetite and the story of uncontrolled weight gain keeps continuing.

1.2. Stress, depression, insomnia

Elevated blood sugar can lead to hormone simulation that makes us easily stressed and angry. When the body consumes sugar and sweeteners excessively, it reduces the brain function. There are some common phenomena such as poor thinking and processing ability, bad emotions… resulting in low productivity, delays in work, and even negative feelings and depression for a long time.

High blood sugar can lead to stress, depression and insomnia.

The more sugar absorbed, the higher level sugar in blood and to the point where the body begins to secrete hormones that keep the brain awake. Your body reacts by releasing insulin and lowering blood sugar can lead to the release of hormones like adrenaline and cortisol that interfere with sleep.

1.3. Heart / lung disease

As mentioned above, uncontrolled weight gain is the cause of overweight and obesity, which increases the risk of cardiovascular disease.

Eating too much sugar and sweets leads to high insulin levels in the blood, affecting the inflamed and hardened artery walls, putting pressure on the heart. In the long term, cardiovascular diseases possibly happen such as heart failure, heart attack and stroke.

On the other hand, high sugar levels interfere with the lung’s elasticity, gas exchange, and airway, so this would disrupt lung function.

There are many other impacts of eating too much sugar and sweets you should know to protect yourself. That would be revealed in the next articles!