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Survey shows that 48% of people wear makeup more than once a week, 50% take less than 10 minutes, 86% take less than 20 minutes to apply makeup. Obviously, makeup today is a daily routine, most women apply makeup before going out which makes them more confident with a gorgeous look. If you have never put makeup on before, don’t worry, let’s start now with these make up knowledge and tips as below.

Steps to have a perfect makeup

Step 1: Primer
Step 2: Foundation
Step 3: Concealer
Step 4: Powder
Step 5: Draw eyebrows
Step 6: Apply eye color
Step 7: Eyeliner
Step 8: Eyelashes and mascara
Step 9: Put on Contour/Bronzer/Highlighter
Step 10: Blush
Step 11: Lipstick

For a beginner, there are more difficult make-up steps that require everyone to practice like:

Foundation and cover it with powder: practice tapping from the inside out for a smooth layer, then using a fluffy brush to set it with powder.

Eyebrow eyeliner: Create an eyebrow shape firstly with 3 points: beginning point of the eyebrow, the highest point and the eyebrow tail point. This will help your eyebrows tidy and sharper.

Eye shadow: Apply the eyeshadow with the order from the light to darker color, choose the eye color suitable for each situation.

Draw Eyeliner: This is the step that requires most practice, you can watch the videos to follow, this step takes a lot of practice to get used to your hands.

Blushing: Blush makes your face look youthful, full of vitality, but it’s also easy to make your cheeks look like plump peaches, so practice to have the most natural blush.

How to choose the right make-up products for your skin type

Whether your makeup is beautiful or not depends quite a lot on the product chosen. If you do not want the foundation to be moldy, fast-flowing or smudged mascara and eyeliner, you should choose the right product from the beginning. Let’s find your own skin type and apply the following product selection options:

Foundation layer

You take a sufficient amount of foundation, dot it evenly on 5 points on your face and spread it with a brush or a sponge. Note that spread or tap slightly to have a smooth layer. More importantly, do not forget to apply foundation to your neck as well, which makes all parts in the same tone.

Depending on your skin type, you can choose the appropriate type of foundation:

  • For healthy, acne-free skin but have many flaws, choose BB Cream to help create a natural foundation and cover the blemishes.
  • For sensitive, acne-prone skin, instead of BB, choose CC Cream, the thin and light properties of CC Cream will help the skin clear, gently cover, not overload, irritate acne. sensitive.
  • If you are lucky enough to have healthy skin with few defects, prioritize the use of cushion – a product that helps cover naturally, optimally moisturize.


Concealer currently has four types for you to choose from: pen, bar, liquid, compressed.

Depending on your needs and the amount of defects you can choose the appropriate type:

  • The pen form is suitable for minor flaws, such as pimples.
  • The stick form is also suitable for covering acne, also ideal for covering dark circles, ..
  • The liquid form is suitable for broader defects such as freckles, green veins, capillaries, and liquid usually comes with a brush to use.
  • Compressed form is a fully qualified converging concealer of liquid and ingot form, which can conceal a large area.

You just need to have a thin layer of concealer on the spots: dark circles, smile lines, crow’s feet, wrinkles and spread it out evenly.


With the eyebrow, choose the color that goes with your hair color for the most natural look on your face.

Depending on the type of face, create a suitable eyebrow shape:

  • The square face will suit the soft triangular eyebrows, the top part is better than the head, the soft features.
  • The oval face will be suitable for a soft, slightly curved top.
    Long face will suit horizontal eyebrows,…

When shaping eyebrows, remember to fill boldly on the tail, but lightly on the head.


For eyeliner, we should choose a water-proof product to keep the eyeliner layer last longer. We use the water eyeliner, draw a line close to the lashes, from the center of the lashes towards the bottom of the eye, the tail slightly curled up will make the eyes bigger.


You should choose to buy mascara based on the condition of your lashes. If your lashes are already thick but slightly short, choose one that will lengthen them. If your lashes are a bit thin, choose one that will thicken your lashes for more sparkling eyes. The tip is to use eyelash clips to create curled lashes.


You should choose a powder to set the foundation layer and control the oil on your skin. Small but effective detail is that choose a powder having tone the same as foundation, to avoid too white face. It would be great if you find a brand having both foundation and powder fit to your requirements.


Depending on your age, circumstances, and personality, choose the best shade of lipstick to wear out. For example, lipstick color when going to school and work should be gentle and courteous, but in a party should be a darker one to stand out. Lipsticks can choose matte lipstick or lip balm for each situation.

Nowadays, you would be a trendy lady to choose the same lipstick color as the cheeks and eye color. For example, if you choose make-up orange tone, choose orange-red lipstick to match the tone. Apply lipstick full of lips if you want to plump lips. On the other hand, put lipstick in the center and spread out slightly if you want natural lips.

Tips for perfect make-up look

The foundation layer, tips to prevent skin from mold

Pay attention to your foundation, keep your skin moisturized before starting a make-up and also the primer before applying foundation. During that time, if the skin is oily, use oil control paper in the T-zone, eyes area before adding powder.

Concealer on the dark circles under the eyes

The dark area should only be concealed with a thin layer because it can cause reverse reactions, reveal more defects when using too much product.

Choose eyeshadow depending on the situation

For the workplace, choose a smooth, gentle eyeshadow. On the other hand, when hanging out, it should be replaced with shiny eyeshadow to create a highlight, for a brighter face.

Thick Eyelashes

Thick eyelashes will make your eyes look bigger and deeper. After applying mascara, wait two minutes for your lashes to dry before opening your eyes.

Draw sharp eyeliner

Drawing eyeliner is the key to having big, round eyes. If you are the one with eyelids or single eyelids, your secret is to draw the eyelids a bit larger.

Long-lasting lipstick

Use a lip liner to draw lip contours and a lipstick brush to make the lipstick last longer. Or you can coat your lips with powder after applying lipstick to keep it last longer.

These are all the tips and tricks for a perfect makeup look, let’s save them right away and start practicing. Good appearance, more confidence.