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After intensive facial treatments, our skin often becomes more sensitive and more vulnerable, especially for people from 30 years old. This is the time that skin needs special care to recover quickly and maximize the use of the previous intensive treatment. But not all can understand the importance of skin care steps after intensive treatment with methods such as Retinol, Laser, PRP, etc.

Let Flora introduce you about the secret to effective skin restoration and aging prevention after intensive skin treatment.

1. What makes the intensive facial treatments become popular?

The intensive facial skin treatments such as Retinols, Laser, PRP is quite popular nowadays as the effectiveness that they brings about, especially for the skin after 30 years old. There are 3 most popular and credible skin treatment methods including:

    • Treatments with intensive active ingredient like Retinol: The active ingredient affects directly to skin structure, which helps remove the dead skin cells and supports the new skin cells develop, thereby helps skin cells to be healthier and produces collagen effectively to nourish and prevent aging for skin.
    • Invasive therapies such as micro-needling , PRP, invasive laser: These therapies aim to create lesions to stimulate skin cells that produce collagen and elastin


    • Non-invasive skin tightening treatment such as Thermage , Ultherapy: These treatments use high-frequency wavelengths and strong energy that penetrates deep into the skin, which stimulate skin to produce collagen, thereby rejuvenate the skin, help even out the skin tone and prevent wrinkles, especially the skin that appear first signs of aging.

Because of these above outstanding advantages, intensive facial treatments are more and more popular among women nowadays. However, these treatments will be more effective when we comply with thorough treatment steps and have a special skincare routine after the treatment. So how is the reasonable skincare routine, let’s find out with Flora now.

2. The common skin symptoms after intensive facial treatments:

After treatments, our skin becomes fragile and easily irritated. The common symptoms include:

    • Skin irritation, redness: The natural melanin pigments in the skin are affected by intensive facial treatment that leads to pain or redness in the treated skin.
      • Red and black spots:

      This is a result of an increase in melanin production due to injury or dermatitis after the treatment. However this is a very normal condition and will fade over about 1-2 weeks after the treatment.

    • Scars, dark spots and burns: The strong wavelengths or the impact of invasion therapy may cause long-term skin damage and long lasting scars after the treatments if we do not take care of our skin well.
      • The skin is more prone to sunburn than usual:

      After a period time of strong laser light with powerful essences and invasive therapy, our skin becomes weaker from the sunlight, the skin is more prone to sunburn and darkness.

3. The way to take care of your skin after intensive facial treatments:

The period time after intensive facial treatment is the golden time to repair and renew a healthy and beautiful skin. Having properly routine skincare is an important thing for us in this time. Let’s take a look at the important skincare steps as below:

    • Careful sun protection when going out: This is the time that our skin is weak and sensitive. Sunscreen acts as a barrier to protect the skin from harmful effects of the sunlight and ultraviolet rays. You should use sunscreens with PA +++ or higher to against UVP effectively, take an oral sun protection supplement and wear sun protective clothing carefully to protect skin in a comprehensive way
    • No cosmetics within 48 hours after treatment: Use only saline solution except other solutions directed by doctor or specialist. During this time, you should not use too much force when doing skincare, especially when washing your face, in order to avoid damaging and scratching the skin.
    • Skin moisturizing after the wound has healed: After the intensive facial treatment, your skin tends to become dry and moisture imbalanced. During this time, skin needs to be provided with good moisturizing essences but the essences should be applied softly to keep the skin surface breathable.

      • No acne skincare products containing BHA, AHA or peel products such as glycolic acid within first 2 weeks after treatment:

      The products containing BHA, AHA are very effective when treating skin conditions, however, the strong impact of these two ingredients can easily hurt skin and cause skin irritation when the skin is weak and sensitive. Thus, in the first two weeks after treatment, try to use the moisturizing products which are as gentle as possible.

    • Repair skincare products such as Ceramide with high content: Ceramide plays an important role in locking moisture on the skin and protecting the skin from external harmful agents. However, after high-tech treatment therapies, skin is somehow affected and lost a large amount of natural Ceramide in skin, thereby the phenomenon of dehydration through the skin and the phenomenon of skin irritation due to external influences. Thus, this is the time when the skin needs a high concentration of Ceramide to recover quickly and effectively.Keeping skin surface breathable: Usually, some people when seeing some black and red spots on the skin will be less confident and wear face mask continuously even indoors, which is not good for skin because the mask makes the skin becomes hot and sweaty. Therefore, when you are at home, refrain from wearing a mask if possible.
      • Drinking enough water and using oral supplement:

      During this time, taking care of your skin from the inside out is also very important. You should drink enough water every day, add to vitamin supplements for body and do not let mobile phone close to the skin too much.

Above are some tips and tricks to help skin repair quickly and effectively after intensive facial treatment such Retinol, Laser, PRP. In addition, you should eat more fruits and vegetables, drink enough water, get enough sleep and sleep before 11 pm to keep the skin healthy and beautiful from inside, especially for the skin from 30 years old.