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Skin Care



If you wear makeup often, which makeup and makeup cleanser do you need?

If you don’t usually wear makeup, but you still need the help of a makeup remover to remove excess sebum, which one is best?

For optimal skin care, you may need more than one makeup remover: a specialized makeup remover for days when you need to use heavy makeup, waterproof mascara and eyeliner. And a milder make-up remover for days using sunscreen or at home to remove oily oils.

It may seem like a lot for an initial investment, but you know what. With regard to skin care, the more meticulous and careful we are, the more unexpected the results will be.

And the following is a breakdown of the most popular makeup and cleansing products today:

phân loại sản phẩm làm sạch da phổ biến hiện nay

Type Outstanding features Suitable skin type
Foam cleanser Removing most of dirt deep in pores and softening skin Combination skin, oily acne skin, oily sensitive skin
Gel makeup remover/cleanser Moisturizing the skin. Some gel makeup removers are able to clean off the hardest makeup off. Normal skin, combination skin, oily skin skin, sensitive acne skin
Cream cleanser With silky, soft texture, eliminating most dirt deep pores and moisturizes the skin Normal skin, dry skin and sensitive skin
Oil or oil based makeup remover Skin friengly and removing the makeup pretty well All skins
Cleanser/Water or micellar water based makeup remover Soothing, cleansing a light, ordinary makeup layer All skins


Learning about the advantages of the products in the above-mentioned table and their needs, women can completely choose for themselves the right products to achieve the desired skin care effect.