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1. About the promotion:

With the desire to understand customers’ skin condition and provide the most suitable advice for each skin, Flora’s Vanity would like to introduce the promotion “Know your skin, receive free gifts” for members on the website who has completed the Skin Survey.

2. Name of program:

“Know your skin, receive free gifts”

3. Location:


4. Time of promotion:

From August 1, 2020 to December 31, 2020, or the promotion may end before the deadline when the gifts run out.

5. Promotional gifts:

Members who complete a skin survey on the website will get 1 set of free gifts including:
– 1 piece of Mirokal Amino Acid Deep Facial Cleanser 10g
– 1 piece of Mirokal Pure Premium Hyaluronic Acid 1.8ml
– 1 piece of Mirokal Timeless Repair Cream 1.8ml
– 1 piece of Mirokal Ultra Glacial Hydrating Mask 27ml
– 1 piece of Mirokal Ultra Whitening Mask, White Nourishing Face 27ml
– 1 Flora’s Vanity wash towel.
In addition, members are also given free gift delivery nationwide.

6. Conditions:

The promotion applies only to individuals who satisfy the following conditions:
– Be a member who liked and followed on Facebook Fanpage Flora’s Vanity
– Be a valid registered member on website and agree to policies regarding Glow Getter membership program.
– Having completed the Skin Survey including 8 questions after becoming a member on the website.

7. How to apply:

– Steps to apply for promotion:

Step 1: Like and follow Fanpage Flora’s Vanity

Step 2:Share our Facebook post on your Facebook profile in Public.

Step 3:

    • If you are not a member, please visit link Registration to register as a member of Glow Getter Community and complete 8 questions.
    • If you are already a member, please visit the link Survey and login to complete 8 skin survey answers.

– Participants must carefully read the information about the program and accepting the program means that the participant agrees with the program’s regulations.

– Participants are personally liable for any fraudulent or fraudulent reporting.

8. Procedure to receive gifts:

– After receiving the skin survey results within 7 working days, Flora will contact you by the given phone number to confirm registration information and delivery information.
– If it is over 7 days since Flora’s Vanity receives the skin survey result, the participant cannot be contacted, the gift will be automatically canceled without prior notice.
– Members who completed the skin survey will be contacted by Flora’s Vanity to give gifts within 1 week after Flora’s Vanity has confirmed all required information. The deadline for which Flora’s Vanity will give the gift is 30 days after receiving the survey results. Over this deadline, if Flora’s Vanity is unable to contact the member, the gifts will be disposed of at Flora’s Vanity’s discretion.
– A valid registered account is an account that satisfies the following requirements:
* Provide complete personal information accurately
* Provide a complete and accurate gift address
* Successfully activated your account
* Comply with the regulations and policies of the Flora’s Vanity website at here.
* One user (based on a non-duplicate phone number and email address) can only receive one gift during the promotion period.
– Members will receive gifts at the address provided in step 3 by mail after 30 working days from the date they confirm their information with Flora’s Vanity, excluding holidays / Tet and other holidays.
– If members cannot be contacted within 30 days to give the gift, Flora’s Vanity will consider the member refusing to accept the gift, and the gift will be given to another member.
– In case Flora’s Vanity has delivered a gift to a member but cannot contact the consignee more than 3 times or the consignee does not match the original registration, the gift will be automatically canceled without prior notice.
– The deadline for awarding gifts is 30 days from the deadline for registration or the program may end sooner when the gifts run out.

9. Other regulations (if any):

– Flora’s Vanity reserves the right to use members’ images, posts and names for advertising and commercial purposes, without having to pay any fees related to copyright for members.
– Participants should read and understand how to attend, agree to, and abide by the rules set by Flora’s Vanity.
– The program participant’s registered photos and information (including name, address, email, phone number, Zalo and Facebook accounts) can be used for customer service or marketing, advertising activities of Flora’s Vanity.
– Flora’s Vanity is a brand owned and operated by SMAVT International Co., Ltd. By joining this promotion program, the participants are assummed agree to be bound by the program policy as well as the terms of use of Flora’s Vanity website.
– SMAVT reserves the right to change the program rules without notice to each program member.
The participants are not allowed to participate in the program: employees of SMAVT, a distributor of SMAVT, staff of distributors and program organizers.
– Any participant who violates the regulations, the process or commits fraud will be disqualified.
In the event of any disputes or complaints related to the promotion, SMAVT will directly resolve.
– The decision from SMAVT is final.