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Skin Care




‘’Hey sister, why your skin becoming darker recently that makes you look not good.” There is only because this sentence of my sister who I have not seen for long time that makes me upset for a few days. I also realize that my skin is having problem, but due to business, there is not enough time so I literally forgot taking care of myself.

After my work completed, I went back home, washed my face and removed all make up, then I observed my skin carefully. I saw the cluster of wrinkles that form around the outer corners of my eyes and the wrinkles on forehead. Especially, the corners of my mouth are appeared clearly when I smile. I also saw clearly the brown spots on both cheeks that were darker and it spread wider, and large pores especially on my cheeks made me feel that this skin area got saggy and laugh line were deep impression on my face.

Although I performed skincare routine with full of steps and I really focus on skin care, it still could not prevent the aging.  Nevertheless, my business including to contact with customers both in domestic and foreign that makes me under pressured as well. With the age of 35 years old like me, the aging naturally comes.

Since then, I putted on more make-up and check it constantly. I bought more concealer foundation to find a temporary solution for my skin problem. I also afraid of smile as much as I used to because I was worried that it will show my wrinkles. Honestly, I was quire tired of my skin problem.

I started to research about the products as well as skincare routine for aging skin. I visited famous spas for skin check and get consultation from expert. In addition, I found the spa treatment experience from my friends. I realized that my skin could recovery if I often take care of my skin with the help and consultation of my favorite spa. I decided to register the basic facial treatment at spa for a week. The treatment includes deep cleansing, massage for improving the circulation of blood, 4 weeks for intensive facial treatment and 1 week for recovery. Besides, I combined with upgrade skincare routine at home with anti-aging skincare product that containing HA (Hyaluronic Acid) ingredient.

After time, my skin has been changed remarkably

The wrinkles on the corners of the mouth and forehead have been improved. Brown spots have been faded, pores appear smaller, especially my countenance become brighter and my skin become smoother that make me look younger.

Currently, whenever I go out, I just need to apply sunscreen and a little bit of blush that enough make me look fresh the whole day and I do not need to waste more time on make-up. I smile confidently and focus on communicating with my partners without worrying about wrinkles and my make-up. Beautiful skin makes me always happy and enjoy life that motivated me to share with you about benefit of essences that containing pure HA that I am using.

After rescuing my skin this time, I realize the most important thing is maintaining skin moisturized and daily skincare. It is not only using HA, but also daily skincare needs to supplement nutrients to nourish the skin.

However, my friend recommend that Hyaluronic Acid (HA) is a ”must-have” substance to help retaining moisture for skin before thinking of add other ingredients. HA itself has unique capacity in retaining water, when HA is applied topically to the skin, pre-moisturizer, and can help to absorb water from your immediate environment then bind it to your skin that help moisturizing your skin, get rid of wrinkles and anti-aging. HA is considered as an important factor that determining the beautiful and youth skin that not less important matter as collagen.

By using the right combination of HA essence, I not only improve the aging problems I am facing, but my skin also reduces wrinkles significantly and plump, youthful.

I am more confident, and more importantly, I understand what my skin needs, be more proactive in finding the necessary solutions for my skin.