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Skin Care



Multifunctional product – the keyword that only takes a few seconds to search for hundred of results, not to mention the advertisings, PRs are paid to promote a specific product that we have read or listen to a few times.

Why multifunctional product becomes trendy in modern life?

What makes multifunctional product become special?

And Which one is a multifunctional skincare product that suitable to you?

Multifunctional skin care product trend

With the changes in human society, women are currently taking more and more responsibilities so that nearly all of them has less time for themselves. That’s why time spent on personal care and skin care is desired to be optimized as much as possible.

On the other hand, as women who do not have enough time to take necessary skin care steps every day, there is an issue of huge investment in using skincare brings to “innocuous” effectiveness.

Due to the limited time, most of them has not truly understood what nutrients their skin needs. With the psychology of fear of lack of nutrients, many women buy skin care products in large quantities for many brands but without any clear purposes. Consequently, the product performance is not as good as expected.

In fact, our skin needs to be provided with most basic nutrients as we need to eat enough of substances to grow up, be healthy, and our skin also needs to supplement the basic substances as the same. There is only the skin is healthy, you just can apply additional other ingredients such as anti-wrinkle, anti-aging, etc. to promote the effectiveness as desired.

Therefore, multifunctional product was launched, which is the integration of the basic ingredients that the skin needs and additional ingredients to maintain healthy skin and repair the existing skin problems.

Benefits of using the multifunctional skin care product

First of all, when you are using the multifunctional product that mean you are using what is most quintessential, not just the ingredients. For that reason, multifunctional product ‘s effectiveness is equal or even higher than the combination of all previous skin care steps and that’s why multifunctional product requires a perfect formula that have researched by top experts with excellent professional background.

The perfect formula, whereby using the multifunctional skin care product will bring the comprehensive effectiveness to your skin:

  • Getting enough nutrients to be healthy.
  • Protecting from external factors from the environment, especially is extreme weather and polluted climate.
  • Recovering skin damage that caused by not using the right products according to skin needs.

Moreover, using the multifunctional skin care product is the way you love yourself by saving both precious time and money. Instead of 4, 7 or 12 skincare steps that take a lot of time using different types of products, now you only need to use a multifunctional skin care product with a few basic steps. The use of only one skincare layer bringing to full effectiveness is also enable your skin to ‘’breathe’’.

Additionally, by using multifunctional product, you contribute to minimizing the negative impacts of the cosmetic industry to environment, bottle production and use materials selectively.

Mirokal – multifunctional protection and anti-wrinkle solution

Mirokal is one of leading advanced multifunctional skin care brands. With only 4 skincare steps, 2 daily steps and 3 times of wearing mask per week that replace skincare routine with many steps and many layers that wasted time. It helps to streamline skin care routine and focusing on a performance product that brings the effectiveness of skin repair and brighter your skin after one month.

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The combination of four products from Mirokal brand to create the perfect routine:

  • The Mirokal Deep Facial Cleanser is gentle, remove deep impurities, improve skin resistance. The skin is balanced by washing step with a formula enriched with amino acids helps moisturizing, balancing PH and protecting the skin moisture barrier.
  • The Mirokal Pure Premium Hyaluronic Acid Serum, with alcohol free and fragrance free, improves nourishment and deep moisture. HA molecule has the ability to hold nearly 1000 times its weight in water, combine with multi-molecule technology that helps the penetration of nutrients quickly and deeply, moisturizing, restore collagen structure, but do not create sticky phenomenon.

Hence, it brings the effectiveness of skin repair, anti-wrinkle, minimize pores and skin tightening.

  • Mirokal Ultra Hydrating and Ultra Whitening Mask detoxes, heals your skin, boosts hydration, and enhances the skin moisture. The skin moisturizing process is also actived and pushed faster.

At the same time, as the skin deeply cleaned, it will minimize your pores and bright your skin. The effectiveness of each time of using the mask is equal to 1 serum bottle.

  • Mirokal Timeless Repair Cream in advanced locks moisturize, repairs skin structure, reduces wrinkles, and supplies three essential kinds of Ceramide for aging skin. A formula with 12% golden ratio of Ceramide 1,3 and 6 brings an anti-aging and anti-wrinkle effectiveness.

The high-tech peptide, seed oil, low molecular HA brings dual effects: moisturizing and nourishing. It helps improve the ability to moisturize and lock moisture, maintain elasticity, reduce wrinkles, protect the skin from aging causing agents.

To create a high efficiency, the secret of Mirokal product is premium and pure ingredients such as rare minerals extracted from Canadian glacial clay, Hyaluronic Acid is extracted from natural mushrooms in Japan and France, and extracts from roots, herbs and seeds.

Canadian glacial clay is a skin care ingredient with more than 60 natural minerals, outstanding with dual benefits: detoxifying and healing.

  • Detoxifying: removes dirt, excess oil, sebum, remove toxic substances.
  • Healing: reducing red skin and inflammation that helps your skin recover quickly. Since then, it helps to promote and regenerate aging skin tissue cells, this effect has been proven by many dermatological studies.

The combination with Hyaluronic Acid made from natural mushrooms from Japan and France, distilled into the purest and premium Hyaluronic Acid in the moisturizing serum formula. Application of multi-molecular technology to make the pure serum with penetrating quickly and deeply. Hyaluronic Acid molecules are divided into two types:

  • Large-molecule HA that stay on the skin surface to help moisturizing and reducing inflammation.
  • Low-molecular HA will penetrate through the surface and help maintain moisture from inside, brings 3 benefits: protecting, nourishing and repairing.

Most especially, a team of experts with more than 20 years of experience in cosmetic modulation and production has launched enrich formula, extracted the purest ingredients from natural, with golden ratio that necessary for healthy skin, protecting and repairing skin.

  • HA helps moisture.
  • Ceramide helps retain moisture and hydration.
  • Limnanthes Alba Seed Oil helps anti-oxidant and moisture.
  • Hydrolyzed Soy Protein moisture the skin.
  • Palmitic Acid protects the skin from environmental influences.
  • Proline increases elasticity, stimulates collagen production along with 40 other essential ingredients.

It’s time for you to change and help your skin “breathe easier” by the multifunctional skin care products. Mirokal – a multifunctional skin protection solution will accompany you on the way to meet the right and full of what the skin needs, prevent aging, bring back your youthful!