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“After only 2 hours, my foundation layer started to be moldy, oxidized, even patchy, the eyeliner was no longer as sharp as before”,… Those are phenomenon we usually have after having spent quite much time on makeup. Too terrible, isn’t it? So how to keep the make-up layer last longer? This article will reveal to you.

Common problems with makeup

The base layer is moldy, quickly drifting:

This is the most common issue that many women encounter. Although the initial foundation is quite shiny, it quickly becomes moldy, down to the darker tone due to oxidation, revealing defects such as acne, large pores, freckles, dark circles on the skin.

The main reason is that the skin does not have enough moisture in the skin care routine before, or especially due to skipping the makeup base – primer step, causing the skin to secrete oily blurring the background layer. Last but not least, there are some cases where thick makeup streaks, skin has not been exfoliated,…

Eyeliner and mascara are washed out:

The one that causes mascara and eyeliner washed out is also the oil. Oily eyelids can be found in any one, not just those with oily skin. Oil coming from the eyelids makes the products in this area smudge, quickly washed off.

Main factors that affect makeup layer

Skin health:

Healthy skin, which is moisturized enough and shiny, will help the makeup layer last longer. That is the foundation will hit evenly, adhesion well, during a long time, no need to worry that the skin produces a lot of oil, causing mold, drifting foundation. Glowing skin with few blemishes will help the makeup be more natural and lighter.

Choosing makeup products:

Sometimes, it is the products that you are happy to buy, but they “betray” you when using, they make the skin become oily, the makeup is blurred, pale or too white, out of tone. for other skin areas,…

The reason is that the product is not suitable for your skin type and skin tone, the foundation makes your face dry, lipsticks in groove lip,…

The way of doing makeup:

Sometimes, we get older than our real age after makeup, or our face looks unnatural, revealing while applying a thick layer of powder. Because, you do not know how to highlight the strengths of the face and hide the blemishes. The wrong makeup, the incorrect order of steps, makes the makeup not smooth and beautiful as expected.

The importance of having moisturized skin before makeup

Imagine what it would be like to have a makeup layer on a rough surface versus a smooth, flat surface painted on. Certainly, the finished layer of the rough surface could not be smooth, catching eye as the smooth surface is.

Our skin with makeup is the same, a moisturized skin will be more shiny and glowing with a makeup layer on. On the other hand, dry, dull skin with dead cells that have not been thoroughly removed will make the make-up layer uneven, easy to reveal defects.

Moreover, according to the skin’s natural mechanism, when there is a lack of moisture, the skin lacking water will absorb the moisture contained in the make-up products, making the foundation drier. After that, the skin will produce more oil, and consequently, make-up layer is smudge, float,… Therefore, providing enough moisture to the skin so that it does not produce too much oil is a very first tip in makeup.

To hydrate your skin before applying makeup, make sure your skin is exfoliated, then use a deep cleansing toner, balance skin’s pH and finally lock the moisture with the right lotion suitable with your skin type. Or, you can apply a paper mask 15 minutes before the make-up for moisturizing skin.

Tips help make makeup last longer

For all-day makeup, you can apply these tips:


Never forget to pre-moisturize for a full-faced shine before applying makeup, this is the key to makeup that lasts longer.

Choose the right primer:

If you have oily skin, prefer a silicone primer. This ingredient will help control oil on skin, and also cover pores, helping to create a smooth surface. If you have dry skin, choose a foundation with ingredients such as glycerin, hyaluronic acid, vitamins, … These are substances that help hydrate the skin, both helping to create a natural foundation and help the skin always moisturized enough.

Use products function oil control on your skin:

After you finish the foundation step, set it with a layer of powder to control the oil in your skin. The recommended type to choose is loose powder. Use a sponge to spread over the skin under the eyes in an inverted triangle, then do the same with the T-zone. Wait about 10-20 minutes, move to the next step during this time. Finally, use a brush to brush off the remaining powder to have a perfect foundation immediately.

Use water resistant products:

Products such as mascara, eyeliner, choose one that is water resistant. Thus, you can comfortably work all day, comfortably work even underwater without worrying about the makeup layer will be smeared, drifting.

Mineral spray after makeup is done:

This is one of the small but effective tips, this final mineral spray will help to fix the products you just put on the skin, especially helping to keep the foundation last longer.

Use oil control paper before applying the powder:

If you don’t want your makeup to be thicker and unnatural, be sure to use oil control paper before adding powder. Should focus on oil areas such as forehead, T-zone, below eyes, chin.

Apply these tips right away to make your upcoming party and date more perfect with a smooth, shiny makeup layer until the end of the day!