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Flora’s Vanity brought a product experience for MIROKAL products, a beauty brand from Canada. Only through 4 simple steps with the special treatment formula, MIROKAL promises to maintain an anti-aged skin over the decade.

The product experience session with the topic “Repair the skin, Prevent aging with Mirokal” took place extremely successfully with the enthusiasm and friendliness of many guests. Flora’s Vanity expected customers to have the most memorable experience with our products and have their own feelings.

The guests were very excited to join and experience the MIROKAL product

Flora’s Vanity is delighted to welcome our beloved customers. During the session, it lit up with the relaxed laugh and the conversation among them. Flora’s Vanity is very glad that all of these special guests are beauty lovers, who love themselves and always choose for the best solutions to take care of their skins.

Skin care is an endless topic for guests to Mirokal

The guests paid attention to the Mirokal skin care product introduction

Customers who sign up to join Flora’s Vanity’s Glow-Getters community

In particular, Flora’s Vanity would like to thank Dr. Vo Thi Bach Suong – Former Lecturer of Dermatology at Ho Chi Minh University of Medicine and Pharmacy, for providing useful scientific information, as well as effective beauty tips for a youthful and healthy skin.

Ms. Twiggy Chen – Founder of Flora’s Vanity brand (left) and Dr. Vo Thi Bach Suong – Former Lecturer of Dermatology at HCMC University of Medicine and Pharmacy (right)

Flora’s Vanity is extremely grateful to customers who spend their valuable time fully experiencing MIROKAL’s protection and aging prevention products.

Customers enjoy experiencing the comprehensive range of MIROKAL skin care products.

Customers trust the effectiveness of MIROKAL, a brand from Canada.

Through this product experience session, Flora’s Vanity desired to introduce new solutions to protect the skin and prevent aging with only four simple steps as follows:

A complete skin care routine of Mirokal’s skin protection and anti-aging products.

Step 1. Mirokal Amino Acid Deep Facial Cleanser – A pH balanced cleanser with gentle amino acids for skin

Step 2. Mirokal Pure Premium Hyaluronic Acid Serum – Premium pure Hyaluronic Acid essence helps moisturize the skin.

Step 3.Mirokal Ultra Glacial Hydrating Mask – Moisturizing mask  or Mirokal Ultra Whitening Mask – Whitening mask– with main extracts from Canadian glacial minerals and clay.

Step 4. Mirokal Timeless Repair Cream – Moisturizing cream Mirokal with golden ratio Ceramide 1,3,6.

The customer is very satisfied with Mirokal’s fast permeability.

Understanding the fast pace of life and limited time, MIROKAL develops specialized, simple, easy-to-do but highly effective skin care products, focusing on the essential ingredients for youthful and healthy skin. MIROKAL promises to bring eternal beauty all over the world.

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