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Tips and Tricks



A simple item but it really helps to increase the efficiency of your daily skin care.

Washcloth – a familiar daily item of each individual. However, not all towels can be used to wash your face. If not carefully used, the towel can exert an adverse effect. So, how to make a washcloth a useful tool, “assistant” for skin cleaning process?

1. Towel material

In order to get the best function of cleaning the skin well from the towel, we should choose the towel with:

  • • Smooth, skin-friendly surface because many thin skins are sensitive, easily scratched / irritated
    • Absorbent, benign, natural material such as cotton, bamboo charcoal, silk, ,…
    • Avoiding material of synthetic fibers, difficult to absorb water, easily scratching the skins

2. Towel’s features

During the selection of towels, we need to care about not only material but also thinness and permeability of towels.

If a thick washcloth can take it long to dry. And, using a wet towel will make us uncomfortable. Besides, damp towels also pose many risks.

Therefore, we should choose towels with thin to very thin material which is soft, skin-friendly with fast permeability and fast drying process.

  • Please note that: How does the thinness of the towel affect the skin care process?

Normally, after washing our face, we usually have a habit of drying / leaving towels in the bathroom. For a heavy, water-repellent washcloth left in the bathroom, it will take a long time for the towel to dry for the next use.

If we use towels that are still wet, we accidentally create opportunities for bacteria to grow on the skin. Especially, Vietnam has a humid, tropical climate with areas of humid weather . This makes the towel longer to dry.

In contrast, with towels of thin material, after using, we can easily have them cleaned and dried. After only a short period of time, the towel easily dries for the next use.

3. How to keep the washcloth always clean

In order for the washcloth to become an effective tool for cleaning the skin of the face, we should keep and store the towel properly.

  • Washing the washcloth after each use

After each use, we should clean the towels, especially if using detergent / liquid detergent, make sure they are no longer retained on the towels.

  • Avoid leaving towels in the wet bathroom wet

The bathroom is a humid environment, so leaving towels here can make them longer to dry. So, it’s better that we should avoid leaving towels dry here. If so, we should keep the bathroom’s doors/windows open to make the bathroom always ventilated.

  • Drying towels in a dry, ventilated area

Regardless of the material, thickness, permeability, we should expose the towel in a dry, cool place, even with the sunlight, it would be better. Then the towel can dry faster .It shall minimize the case of wet towels for the next use.