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Skin Care



Along with the minimal lifestyle, minimal skin care is becoming the skin care trend all over the world. This trend eliminates unnecessary products in the skin care process. Applying this method, which products should be eliminated? Will the skin care effectiveness decrease if the skin care steps are fewer? Can anyone apply this skin care treatment? All questions related to minimal skin care will be answered below.

What is the minimal skin care?

Since the early days of skincare, everyone knows the trend of 10-step skin care routine to have smooth skin like Korean girls or the process of using a variety of special treatments like US tumors. These methods are considered the secret to always having a healthy and beautiful skin. So it is becoming a trend that most girls follow with the desire to use more products, bring more nutrition to the skin and maintain their beauty as long as possible.


Contrary to the sophisticated care of previous skin care methods, the trend of minimal skin care was born, focusing on optimizing the skin care process, not fussy many steps, only retaining the necessary products and discarding all unnecessary products. “Less is more” is the maxim of minimal skin care.

The benefits of minimal skin care

Will skin care steps be reduced, skin is deficient and skin care effectiveness is not as expected? This is the concern of many people about minimal skin care methods. However, the reality of minimal skin care brings many benefits:

Helps “reduce load” for the skin

Imagine the skin is the same as our body, when we wear 5 shirts it will definitely be more comfortable than having to wear 10 different shirts at the same time, overlapping layer after layer. When minimizing care, your skin still has enough nutrition without being overloaded, instead of having to absorb 10 different layers but no more effective, just absorb 5 steps and “rest”, “enjoy”.

In addition, there are times in the year when the skin is easily irritated and sensitive such as the seasonal transition period, reducing the care steps will help the skin gradually adapt and avoid further irritation.

Save time and money

Spending on 5 items is obviously less than on 10 items. The amount of money to invest for 10 affordable products you can invest in buying 5 high quality products instead. Each day, you also save half the time compared to the old skin care routine of many steps and need to wait for this step to penetrate before performing the next step. For those who are busy at work, housewives do not have much time to take care of themselves so that this is a huge reform step in skin care.

Eliminate furniture concerns

A vanity table with all kinds of products is now more compact with only 3-5 items. Or the travel arrangements are also quicker, cosmetics do not occupy as much area of ​​the suitcase as before. Using less product, you also help reduce bottle waste and protect the environment.

How to practice minimal skin care

First of all, for facial skin, in order to minimize skin care, you need to define clearly which skin care steps could be removed, and which products could be minimized. When minimizing skin care, you just need to make sure the steps revolve around: cleaning – moisturizing – sun protection.

  • Specifically, cleaning requires only makeup remover and mild facial cleanser if you only use sunscreen. If you wear makeup regularly, you can replace the water makeup remover with oil makeup remover for a deeper cleaning. Pay attention to exfoliate once a week.
  • As a moisturizing step, choose a serum that suits your skin needs, do not choose “heavyweight” products that block your skin. Choose the right cream for your skin, oily skin can choose a gel form, dry creamy skin. Serum steps can be cut in the morning cycle, for evening use only. You can also choose an integrated, multi-purpose moisturizer for the moisturizing step while minimizing skin care.
  • Sun protection is a very important step that is indispensable in the process of caring and protecting the skin. Don’t forget to sunscreen every morning before you leave the house, no matter how busy you are.

In the process of minimal skin care you can skip some steps such as:

  • Deep cleansing toners because the skin cleansing step has done its job well, balancing toners are also unnecessary as serums are often formulated for use at normal skin pH.
  • Discard the serum if you are using more than one type.
  • Mineral sprays are also a temporary water supply step that can be dropped in skin care.
  • Remove the mask as it only works immediately.

An example of a minimal skin care routine

1. Facial cleanser to clean skin.
2. Apply moisturizer
3. Sunscreen
1. Remove makeup with Micellar Water.
2. Use a gentle cleanser
3. Serum.
4. Moisturizer.


As for the body skin, hands, feet, you just need to maintain exfoliation once a week and apply cream regularly. With hands skin, should limit contact with chemicals, should wear gloves when using detergents to protect the skin.

Those who should apply minimal skin care

People with acne skin are suffering a lot of damage, weak skin should minimize skincare steps. Because acne skin is often caused by oily skin, easy to clog, using a few products, focusing on cleaning and clearing the skin is a way to reduce clogging, improve acne.

Sensitive skin that is easily irritated also needs minimal care. Because when using too many products will lead to intolerance, excess nutrients, making the skin more prone to irritation.

For other skin types, there are times when skin care should be minimized such as:

– In the seasonal weather, the skin changes such as drier than usual, no more oil production or irritation, redness, peeling, burning skin.

– The skin suddenly rashes, break-out.
– Skin is irritated by a number of reasons such as: allergies to food, water sources, new habitat changes.
– Skin is not improving with current skin care regimen (process over 3 months).
– You don’t have enough time to maintain a skincare routine with too many steps.

Each skin will have different care needs. So, listen to your skin and choose the most suitable treatment.