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Skin Care



Recently, in addition to the natural facial treatment masks that women are often advised to use in the press such as yogurt, green tea … the facial nourishing masks are increasingly used more with many favorable reviews about highly beneficial effects of the masks. Especially, for busy ladies with frequent business travel, the mask is almost considered as a “quick rescuer” for their skin.

On the market, there is a variety of brands of masks with different prices, advertised to be of many different uses and benefits, which makes it increasingly difficult for women to choose the right masks for them. Although they are all of attractive, eye-catching designs, packaging and are tempted to buy, how can we proactively find the most suitable, effective masks for ourselves ? Let’s take a look at crucial information about the facial treatment masks as follows:

1. Classification of facial treatment masks:

The masks which are extensively used in spas, beauty salons, skin treatment centers and skin-care clinics as prescribed by cosmetologists contain a high content of active ingredients. As life is increasingly busy with the “urgent” need for skin problems, skin care cosmetic brands have gradually studied and produced masks with high nutrient content to get the urgent skin problems.

The most common classification is based on types of mask producing material, the most popular way to use masks. The facial treatment masks can be commonly classified into:

  • Sheet mask: made of cotton, gel, …
  • Washable face mask: powder, gel, cream together nutrients for mixture or prepared mixture.

Accordingly, brands are increasingly inclined to produce facial treatment masks with more nutrients that can be kept on the skin and do not require you to wash our faces after being put on face.

In particular, because of its convenience and increasingly demanding requirements in choosing types of mask producing material, manufacturers produce lines of sheet masks designed to be more skin friendly with more details here:

2. Advantages and the right time to use the current popular facial treatment masks

There are about 6-8 types of facial treatment masks that are quite familiar to women. Depending on the composition formula, each type of mask will be designed with its own uses and superior features.

Sheet Mask
  • In the formula, many nourishing nutrients are increasingly used and serum helps recover, moisturize, quickly resolve skin problems.
  • Easy to use, compact, convenient to carry when you need to travel frequently…
  • Suitability: easy to be added to the skincare routine with masks with unique features. Using before or after the serum applying step.

A sheet mask is designed with many specialized uses: treating acne, reducing dark spots (hyperpigmentation), moisturizing, whitening, purifying the skin … Easily integrated into the daily skin care routine on demand.

 Sleeping Mask
  • Usually contains more moisturizers than usual (intensive hydrating). It has the formula which is designed to quickly absorb and moisturize skin throughout the night to avoid clogged pores.
  • Suitable for: dry skin, aging skin that need more moisture than normal skin does. Use at the last step of the skincare routine
  •  Do not use a sleeping mask regularly for oily skin with easy pimple breakouts to avoid clogged pores









Sheet / gel mask

The remarkable feature of gel masks is cooling, soothing skin, reducing swelling and redness on the skin.

Gel masks often don’t contain outstanding ingredients such as collagen, hyaluronic acid, amino acids … to increase the effectiveness of soothing the skin from deep inside.

With superior cooling and soothing functions, the gel mask is suitable for sensitive, dry skin and used after the face is washed and before other skincare steps.


Mud/ Clay Mask

The mask is composed of natural clay types in combination with  specialized formulas to resolve specific skin problems. For example:

  • Kaolin: treating acne
  • Glacial: supplementing rare minerals
  • Bentonite: controlling oil and purifying skin

Clay masks are often used after the skin cleansing step.

Natural clay mask with ability to purify the skin and supplement of outstanding natural minerals to the skin since ancient times


Natural mixed Mask

Suitable for sensitive skin prone to irritation by some ingredients used in cosmetic production.

Usually used after the skin cleansing step with all natural ingredients as desired.

Please be noted that not all edible things can be used to make natural masks.


3. Some key notes in using facial treatment masks

Before using facial treatment masks

Before using any kind of mask, we should cleanse the skin. Proper skin cleansing helps the skin to be able to absorb the nutrients from the mask best. Further details about how to cleanse your skin are here.

After using facial treatment masks

After removing the mask, we should perform the next skin care steps (except for sleep masks which need to be left overnight). This can keep the skin hydrated and maximize the effects of the masks.