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Tips and Tricks



What is double cleansing method?

Double cleansing is a dual cleansing method that has long been transmitted by mouth and adopted by fan of skincare services, and is indispensable in professional spas and skin care facilities. This method became popular in Japan and Korea, then developed to European and North American countries.

Double cleansing uses two face cleaning products together with the different purposes of intensive cleansing to support each other and enhance the skin cleansing effect. Simply put, double cleansing consists of 2 steps as follows:

At the first step, using an oil / oil-based makeup remover to remove oil, makeup, and other grime.
At the second step, using a right deep cleansing product such as a gel / foam / cream / milk cleanser that to clean up any dirt that remains or is deep in the pores.

Why do you need to do a facial wash in the double cleansing method?

After a long day, the skin needs to clean two types of “dirt and sebum” to be fresh and able to absorb all the necessary nutrients. Sebum, excess oil will not easily be washed off with ordinary products but need the help of makeup removers, gel, oil-based or oil-based products. Deep dirt in the pores will not be able to be completely cleaned if sebum, excess oil on the skin gets in the way of the cleansing products.

Therefore, make-up removal is needed in order to remove sebum and excess oil, creating conditions for facial cleansing products to take effect.

Double cleansing is really necessary for modern women if they do not want acne to break out or skin-care effects not to be as desired. Due to regular make-up and weather conditions, it is not good to simply clean the skin with water or an ordinary face-wash product.

Standard cleansing steps in the double cleansing method:

Step 1: Wash your hands with soap and dry them

Step 2: Apply a reasonable amount of oil- based makeup remover / wax-based makeup remover onto your face. Massage your face including the eyes and lips in a circular motion, gently, from the inside out, from the bottom to the top. Massage it for about 30-45 seconds

Step 3: Take a little water, to wet your face, continue massaging your skin. The oil-based makeup removers and wax-based makeup removers will gradually emulsify and turn into milky white water. Then wash your face with water to wash away this layer này.

Step 4: Take a quantity of cleanser (choose the appropriate cleanser each skin type to choose the appropriate type), applying it on the face and massaging it gently.

Step 5: Wash your face with warm water, to remove the cleanser

Some notes in washing face so that the skin is not hurt!

  • Do not use hot or too hot water
  • Always wash your hands carefully before washing your face / doing skin- care practice
  • Wash your face 2 times a day
  • Do not exfoliate too many times
  • Remember to cleaning hairline, neck and jawline