Net Volume: 63g.

This mask is a two-piece set for both the upper and lower parts, specially designed for different skin needs. The mask contains “nano gold” molecules and fresh Collagen – two cell-rejuvenating components. It offers the effectiveness equivalent to 5 Picosure treatments, extending for over 7 days after just around 2 hours of use.




The world’s first mask that delivers six miraculous effects to the skin after just one continuous 2-hour usage, with results lasting over 7 days: skin tightening, skin brightening, deep moisture restoration, pore tightening, and collagen regeneration.

Particularly, the pore-tightening and skin toning effects after just one use are equivalent to 5 sessions of picosecond laser treatment due to the immediate collagen supplementation. After use, immerse the mask’s body in warm water in a bathtub or foot soak along with your favorite essential oils. Once the mask dissolves completely, the nutrient content in the mask instantly brightens and softens your skin, especially dry areas on your hands and feet.

When using the mask for an extended overnight period as a sleeping mask, the active ingredients deeply penetrate, heal, and regenerate collagen structures under the skin. The mask fits snugly on your face, without causing greasiness, pore clogging, dryness, or moisture reversal from the skin. During your nighttime rest, the skin receives a rich supply of essential nutrients and precious oils, restoring a surprisingly fresh and youthful appearance the next morning.

Activity Principles:

Fresh Collagen:

Compared to conventional collagen in cosmetics, fresh collagen has much larger and more complex molecular sizes. In contrast, with its larger and more comprehensive structure, fresh collagen is over 600 times more effective than regular collagen in wrinkle treatment. To address this challenge, Lena Dale utilizes Mibelle’s biological liposome technology.

Mibelle’s Liposome Technology:

Liposomes in cosmetics enhance the absorption capability of modern active ingredients and are considered the most optimal in the world to date. Manufactured using a biological technology with a structure similar to cell membranes, liposomes are formed from phospholipid connections filled with active agents. After application to the skin, with super small molecular structures similar to the skin, active ingredients are absorbed into deeper layers beneath the epidermis more effectively and accurately.

Moreover, to prevent the core essence of aging, Lena Dale’s Comprehensive Rejuvenation Mask incorporates exceptional anti-aging components, “gold nano-particles.”

Gold nano-particles:

The gold used in Lena Dale’s Comprehensive Rejuvenation Mask consists of gold nano-particles with an ultra-small size measured in nanometers. A nanometer is one-billionth of a meter, smaller than the wavelength of light.

When gold is at a nano size, it exhibits astonishing antioxidant properties and therapeutic and healing capabilities superior to gold at regular structures and sizes. Future cancer treatments may potentially employ “nanoshells” made from gold molecules to combat tumors. In dermatology, applying nano-sized gold molecules with cell-level rejuvenation capabilities is a remarkable innovation.

The application of gold molecules in Lena Dale’s mask formula aims to compete with carbohydrate atoms that form bonds with the amino acids lysine and arginine. When carbohydrates in these bonds are replaced by gold molecules, the formation of aging cells is inhibited, preventing the development of wrinkles.

Fresh collagen, gold molecules, combined with rare vegetable oils and extracts, are entirely encapsulated within liposome pearls in the hydrogel formula of the Comprehensive Rejuvenation Mask, delivering exceptional rejuvenating and skin-restoring effects after just one application, without pain, and being skin- and environmentally-friendly.

Product Description:

This mask contains “nano gold” and “fresh collagen” – two comprehensive “anti-aging” and “skin-perfecting” components. What’s particularly special about these gold components is that they are integrated into the formula along with various precious organic vegetable oils and nano-technology, which offers the best absorption ability in the world.

The biological technology of “Mibelle’s liposome” enhances the absorption capability of the active ingredients in the mask by more than 600 times compared to conventional methods. The entire mask body consists of pure plant fibers, which are water-soluble and skin- and environment-friendly.

Furthermore, the product is intricately designed with two parts – “upper and lower” mask bodies, each with entirely different formulas. It is tailored to address imperfections and support the unique needs of different skin areas on the face, including the upper mask body and the lower mask body.

Usage Instruction:

Use after cleaning your face. Remove the white protective film on the outside and gently place the Gold Molecular Mask on your face for 1-2 hours. Gently massage the skin until the essence is fully absorbed, no need to rinse with water.


For external use only. Keep out of reach of children to avoid accidental ingestion. Avoid contact with eyes. If contact occurs, rinse thoroughly with water. If severe irritation occurs, discontinue use and consult a dermatologist.


Store in a dry, cool place, away from direct sunlight and humidity. Use the product immediately after opening.

LENA DALE – Brand from Taiwan

In the past 16 years, many international companies and brands have established because of using Lena Dale’s professional research ability. Furthermore, Lena Dale also is praised for the pioneer of organic skin care products. Due to the advanced products, SOLABIA, and MIBELLE all valued its power and signed the mutual beneficial agreement with Lena Dale.

However, Dr. Chen desired to leave the latest and best products for us. Therefore, he transferred all the techniques and formulas back to Taiwan and set up a laboratory and formally established its own brand. Hoping to let the world see our strong power from Taiwan!


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