Once upon a time,
Flora - the minor Roman Goddess
brought spring & youth
to wherever she was...

Flora and her natural beauty there and then alive in woman until the modern time.


Though woman might be different in appearance, career or social status, there is one thing still be the same: the inner feminist of Flora. Go with specific personality, that feminist creates a unique charisma which make a MODERN FLORA.


And when woman understand her own natural beauty and care to complete and make it glow everyday.

She then owns her Unique charisma:
be beautiful, be confident, by her own way!



Your unique charisma begin with your unique vanity.

So, busy ladies!
Let begin your day of glowing.
Enjoy your home facial time.
Fill up your empty dresser.


we explore the routine to make your lifestyle, to make you glow inside out,
and to being a Modern Flora all the time!




An information hub where you can get latest beauty trends, lifestyle tips and tricks, cosmetics, make-up haul, skin care advises and experiences from beauty gurus, professionals and real beauty enthusiasts.



As your vanity advisor, Flora provides you with prestige products, customized beauty solutions, and genuine care from professionals and well-qualified Flora team. Moreover, our Glow-getter community aims at encouraging your inner and outer beauty wellness.

Glow-Getters’ community

Dr. Vo Thi Bach Suong, Dermatologist

Flora's Vanity makes me feel comfortable and creates a friendly atmosphere between guests and host - Flora team. Flora's Vanity lets customers know the proper skin care process with a caring and grateful attitude and also guides with the scientific and thorough skin care routine.

“To Know Your Skin”

Are you tired of trying really hard on daily skin- care routine,
but cannot get expected results?


Or you are simply don’t know how to deal with your current skin problems?

If yes, why don’t you take a little more time to truly understand your skin-health before jump into any skin-care routine & treatment?

Experience Flora’s Skin Care Survey with 8 questions length can somehow give you some hints that you might forget to really know about your skin and also help Flora to provide you with the most accurate skin analysis, and offer you the most expected effective advise.

Glow-Getter Community

Not only where the latest beauty trends, make-up and skin care tips are shared by experts and beauty-lovers, but also where you are brought many other benefits ...

Glow-Getter’ benefits

- The Glow-Getter membership program is limited to individual only and is limited to one account per individual.

- All the benefits related policy is stated and explained in the Term of Use.

- Please contact our info@florasvanity.com should you have any further inquiry.