Good taste starts with skin care,

because everlasting beauty begins with exceptional skincare.

To the holistic skin-science, to treat certain skin problems, we need to understand the real underlying causes. So that all the efforts & resources can be focused to solve right problems & in a timely manner.

Formed by a long-established experience in cosmetic production family – Mirokal set their practices values by conforming the

Holistic skin-science philosophy:

Be Simple. Be Focus. Be Effective

The family’s everlasting spirits still live in each product to create the skin-care line that help woman actualize her everlasting beauty more easier.

High Performance Ratio Ingredients

Which mean, unless every ingredients used inside a
formula need to perform its highest performance ratio,
or it is non-necessary!

Since the 1960s

the everlasting beauty here and there

360-degree solution to Protect & Repair Aging-skin Problems

Only 4 easy steps to repair an everlasting young





Amino Acid
pH level in aging skin
Natural extracted ingredienta
Skin friendly

Amino Acid moisturizing & pH balanced

The “PREPARATION” step to help aging-skin balance it hight pH level to lightly acidic, remove deep pore impurities while maintain necessary hydrating with rich level of amino acid.

Hyaluronic Acid

Multi Molecular Hyaluronic Acid

Hyaluronic Acid in MIROKAL Serum adapts flawlessly to the skin, allowing for maximum moisture absorption. It is closest to the natural structure and composition of your skin. Its rich an pure formula absorbs quickly and evenly, revealing a soft, supple and even skin texture

Canadian Glacial Clay
Hyaluronic Acid

Pure premium mineral extracts

A combination of multi-molecular hyaluronic acid and ceramide, together with pure premium Canadian glacial clay mineral extracts and over 60 natural mineral, MIROKAL masks give the skin an ultimate hydrating moistness & radiance.

Golden Ratio

Golden ratio of Ceramide (I,2,3)

MIROKAL cream features high-tech anti-aging ingredients such as ceramide, vitamin E, squalane and a high-tech peptide. This formula is a complete solution to reach optimal repair, luster and nourishment, and to give skin flexibility and revitalization.


Mirokal Timeless Repair Collection (Serum & Cream)

4,550,000 VND
5,050,000 VND

Mirokal Skin Balancing Collection (3 items)

1,750,000 VND
1,840,000 VND

Mirokal Premium Skin Care - Full Collection (5 items)

6,200,000 VND
6,890,000 VND

Free Gift Set

1 Mirokal Deep Facial Amino Acid Cleanser 10ml

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"Before using these products, my skin was very dry, which was like dehydrating skin. Since using MIROKAL for several months, I am totally satisfied. I feel my skin becomes firm and glowy. The fine lines, darken spots reduce and the skin tone becomes even gradually."

Ms. Hop Ngo

General Operating Manager

"My first impression with Hyaluronic Acid Serum is that my skin gets softer as being moisturized and smoother. My skin pores are minimized. I feel since I used MIROKAL products when makeup, my makeup layeout becomes perfect."

Ms. Dung Do

Operation Manager

"For me, MIROKAL products have simple and natural-selected ingredients, together with clear and meticulous advice from Flora team, I feel comfortable using these products. During my 1-month experience, I love the cleanser most because of gentle cleansing function and being suitable for my sensitive skin."

Ms. Quynh Doan

Store Manager