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Cleansing your skin properly –

One of the most important things to do

for your skincare to get the best results as expected.

Many women do not pay attention to this step or assume that just washing their face with water or ordinary cleansers is enough. However, washing face that way does not help their skin to be properly cleaned. Then, no matter what expensive skincare products are applied to their skin, it is difficult for the skin to absorb all the nutrients. It’s even worse that there may be pimples because the residual dirt clogs pores.

“Do you know, if your skin is properly cleansed, after just over 2 weeks, you can feel an amazing improvement on your skin?”


Let’s check if you have common “misconceptions” about cleansing our skin and find yourself the best skin cleansing method in this article.

List of common misconceptions about cleansing skin

Misconception 1: “Washing face with only water or cleanser”

Water can wash away only the dirt (seen with the naked eye) on the skin but cannot completely clean the layers of sunscreen, makeup, lipstick, eyeliner … Especially, in the current polluted weather with lots of dusty smoke, fine dust, if you wash your face just with water, “you will probably go to bed with dust from the street”. Meanwhile, with the help of makeup remover, face -wash, dirt, bacteria, makeup, and dirt deep down in your pores can be absolutely lifted away from your skin.

In fact, many women with their skin sensitive and irritated with cleanser lines, have to wash their face with water only. However, at present, cosmetic production technology has been very advanced with many natural, organic, skin-friendly cosmetic products on the market, that can be safely used to clean the skin.

Misconception 2: “Makeup Removal needed in case of makeup, without makeup, no need for makeup removal”

This is not only a misconception but also a common habit because most of us assume that if we do not wear makeup, you only need to use cleanser for a simple face washing procedure. However, in order for our skin to be perfectly cleaned, we need to remove “sebum & dirt” from our skin after a long day.
Excess sebum is hard to be lifted away with water. In fact, “sebum” is the excess oil of the skin, secreted by the body to help moisturize the skin. However, the “sebum”, after a day of dirt clinging, will become a cause of acne if not cleaned thoroughly. Only when makeup is removed, clean these sebum layers can be completely removed from the skin. It’s thanks to the ingredients ,which can “vacuum” and “sweep away” to clean up the makeup layers, found in makeup remover products.
Only after the sebum is lifted away completely can effectiveness and efficiency of facial cleansing products be maximized. It’s due to the fact that the face wash products are designed to slip into deep pores to make them clean. Is it really hard to have our face completely cleaned if there are still sebum on your skin?

Misconception 3:
“Face wash products are all the same”

In general, all cleansing products share the same function: cleansing the skin.

However, each natural disposition and each skin has a different reaction to each product. In particular, it is difference in lifestyles, working environments and conditions which requires us to have products that are truly suitable and effective.

Therefore, different cleaning products are produced with the purpose and use of intensive skin cleansing, the suitability for each different skin. Women really need to be careful in choosing the right products in order to avoid not getting the desired skin-care effects but spending a lot.

Out of the 3 misconceptions mentioned above, do you find yourself having any ones?

If yes, let’s find out how to cleanse our face properly?

First and foremost, it is necessary to choose the right product for each skin type

It’s lucky for modern women that in the current market, there are safe skincare products which suit the needs and conditions of many women. Here is the summary of some typical cleansers as follows: Please click here.

Next, we need to wash our face in necessary steps and a proper manner.

Washing face in double cleansing way every day

As mentioned above, the skin will not be perfectly clean without excess sebum completely eliminated. Double cleansing – a “century across” solution for women who always require perfection: oil free, dirt free, deep clean.

Double cleansing consists of two indispensable dual cleansing steps at professional spas and skin care facilities. This method combines two specialized cleaning products: makeup remover which helps to remove sebum and cleanser which helps to do deep cleaning. Details about double cleansing method and standard face cleansing steps in double cleansing way, women must read more here.

Finally, here is the tip up your sleeve: using a towel for enhancement of the skin cleansing effects!

Towels, items which are so familiar in life may be inferior to other items in modern life. However, when knowing how to skillfully combine it with double cleansing method, you will find out that towels bring more benefits to the skin than just a deep cleansing.

It should be noted that it’s necessary to choose the types of towels which are soft, skin friendly without synthetic fibers and are of natural origin such as cotton, bamboo charcoal, silk … Especially, it’s necessary to keep the towels always dry, clean to make sure that they don’t help bad bacteria to enter your skin. You can learn more about the advantages of towels and how to keep them clean here.

Back to the use of towels for skin care process, please refer to the following ways and feel the cleaning and skincare effects of towels:

  • Using a towel in combination of double cleansing method in order to enhance the deep skin cleansing effect

After makeup removal, applying an amount of daily milk /cream cleanser onto a clean, moist cotton washcloth. Rub / gently rub to lather a favorite amount of foam and use a washcloth to gently applying lather onto skin and gently wiping the entire face. The soft texture of the towel facilitates the passage of foam into the pores, helping to deepen the ability to cleanse and remove all dirt compared to ordinary face washing with hands.

  • Skillfully using a towel and warm water to improve the skin’s ability to absorb nutrients

First, soak the towel in warm water (use the inner portion of the elbow to check if the heat does not cause pain / retraction in this skin area, it is the right heat that may not harm the face skin and is warm enough to remain its effectiveness on the skin). Then put it on face and massage gently for 10-15 seconds.

The warmth of the towel helps to expand pores, pushing deep dirt onto the skin’s surface which is the retained into the towel fiber, getting out. Our skin shall look softer and the warmth from the water helps relieve facial muscle tension, also helps the skin easily absorb nutrients in the next skincare steps

  • Using a towel to help minimize pores

Use cold water (you can add few small ice cubes) and soak the towel in it for 30 seconds. Then apply on face, massaging it gently with repletion of 2-3 times. This will help shrink pores and relax skin especially on hot days.

Above is all information to help us have an overview of how to properly clean the skin, choose cleaning products and use towels in the skin cleansing process.

Hopefully after this article, women will have more useful information for their skin care process. In particular, remember to focus more on deep cleansing of the skin, a very important step, which is the foundation for the next skin care steps.